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EVENT:  Medical Design and Manufacturing Conference Comes to Minneapolis
posted on: October 22, 2019

by Cindy Loiacano

What attracts over 5000 Medical Device Design & Manufacturing professionals to the Minneapolis Convention Center?

The largest Medical Design & Manufacturing Conference in the Midwest!

This was the premier Midwest convention for device designers, manufacturers, investors and supporting vendors. Steve Krinke, Logisolve Engagement Manager at 3M for the Savigent software implementations and I had a lot of ground to cover between the educational sessions, attendees and 500 Exhibitors. The entire convention center main floor was filled with amazing products from innovative vendors of all sizes.

Major themes that we heard across speakers were the use of data and workflow in innovation, product development, manufacturing and management of products. The future looks bright for IT in the Medical Device world.

There was a big focus on IoT embedded in devices and the use of data from those devices for healthcare management. The audience and the speakers raised lots of questions around this too, like how to identify the most useful data, how to get the data to the provider in a meaningful structure and how to manage security around it.

We identified many opportunities for IT vendors like Logisolve to create solutions for data management. It was also amazing to see how workflow tools like that of our partner, Savigent, are being used in manufacturing and new areas like Research & Development, and Regulatory & Compliance to improve portfolio management and delivery.

Lastly, if you are a science geek like me, you would have loved the presentation on “Electricity Replacing Pills.” The speakers covered new treatments for everything from pain management (think OxyContin replacement) to neuro and cardio disease management using electrical stimulation. All being driven by data.

We are on the forefront of some amazing innovation in healthcare and working to keep Logisolve on the forefront of corresponding opportunities.

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